Back to School Hidden #18

Back to School Hidden #18

Back to School Hidden #18 For Google Apps
Back to School Hidden #18

Are you an educator looking for lesson plan activities for back to school? Use this hidden words word search puzzle to introduce students to BTS unit and known and unknown vocabulary.

Puzzle supports remote learning, hybrid learning, in-person learning, homeschooling and use also as a tutoring resource. Available as a printable and google apps.

Brainstorm possible words to be found in the grid. Next, locate the words hidden in the grid. Then, record the words in the space provided.

Lesson plans activities include:
l. complement spelling program by using puzzle list words as prompts
2. use list of words as writing prompts
3. scramble the letters and then create new word search puzzles
4. give puzzle to early finishers
5. math related: give each letter of the alphabet a number (A-Z: 1-26, or other variation). Next, for each of the 10 words, substitute letters with numbers. You should have 10 words, with each word 'spelled' with numbers; Now, here is where the magic happens:
a)(i) multiply each number in the word to arrive at the product; a)(ii) order the numbers from smallest to largest or vice versa;
b)(i) add each number in the word to arrive at the sum; b)(ii) order the sums from smallest to largest of vice versa.