BHM Crosspatch 12

BHM Crosspatch 12

BHM Crosspatch 12 For Google Apps
BHM Crosspatch 12

Are you looking for a free, fun, and interactive lesson plan resources for Black History Month? BHM crosspatch puzzle activates problem solving strategies, engages the brain and supports vocabulary building. Students are usually familiar with crossword puzzles. Crosspatch puzzles are similar to crossword puzzles, except for a couple of main variations:
1) clues are exclusively word clues, and
2) word clues are not organized by number of letters (similar to freeform crosswords)
To solve the puzzle, fill-in-the-blanks with the correct words.

Problem solving strategies:
- to engage the brain, first REVIEW the list of words
- then, ORGANIZE word clues by number of letters to add some structure (organizes information)
- next, IDENTIFY a word with the least number letters, or most number of letters, or a word with a unique number of letters (e.g. 11 letters: non-violence) (organizes information)
- FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS with any unique words (1:1 correspondence)
- remember to TRACK PROGRESS by marking off words as blanks are filled (elimination process)
- FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS with remaining word clues that match letter intersection points (using prior knowledge with regular crossword puzzles)
- finally, use TRIAL & ERROR as needed to complete the puzzle

Download the free puzzle to print and/or copy the file to your computer to complete is using Google Apps version.