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BHM Word Maze Puzzle #09()
BHM Word Maze Puzzle #09

Are you looking for fun and interactive, but challenging, educator resources to support grades 5-8 Black History Month programming? Here is a BHM word maze puzzle to support student learning while activating multiple problem solving strategies! To solve the puzzle, students need to locate 20 word clues hidden in a word search grid, while creating a maze like path at the same time! The additional challenge here is that the letter paths cross!

Here are a few words included in this puzzle: bus, black, activism, leader, youth

Solve the word maze:
1. first locate the start bubble (circled letter)
2. next, trace the word clue's letter path (letters travel in all 8 directions: horizontally, vertically and diagonally)
3. then, at the end of the word clue locate the first letter of the next word and trace its letter path
4. finally, repeat steps 2-3 until all 20 word clues are found, completing the maze

The additional challenge is that the letter paths CROSS because letter paths are found in all 8 directions. Have students work in pairs to solve this brain teaser. Fosters a cooperative classroom.

Remember to track progress by crossing off the word clues as their letter paths are traced.