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Valentine's Day-Word Search()
Valentine's Day-Word Search

Valentine's Day-Word Search For Google Apps
Valentine's Day-Word Search

Blank word search printable to use to practise Valentine's Day vocabulary and engage students' brain with puzzle creation. Both PDF and Google apps versions are available. Kids love to create their own word search puzzles and exchanging each others' to solve them. This 23x18 Valentine's Day blank grid is better suited for students in later primary and grades 4,5 classrooms. For earlier primary have them use the 15x15 Blank Word Search For Valentine's Day puzzle grid.

Black History Month!

To help celebrate Black History Month, Ground Hog Day, and Valentine's Day we are cataloguing puzzles to be available in both PDF and Google Apps versions.

Remember to check out Learning to Read - Valentine's Day Activity Pages!

Here are direct links to both BHM and Valentine's PDF/Google Apps samples: Valentine's Scrambled Word Search-Google Apps & PDF and BHM Hidden Google Apps&PDF#05.