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Books of the Bible-Word Maze-03()
Books of the Bible-Word Maze-03

Looking for teacher lesson plan activities for books of the Bible? Word maze puzzle is a word search puzzle where the hidden words' path lines are linked to create a maze when they are connected. Hence the name, word maze puzzles.

To solve this interactive downloadable puzzle use these steps:
- review the list of word clues to engage the brain about what to look for (there are 19 word clues)
- start the word maze puzzle at the circled letter (this is the first letter of one of the word clues)
- trace the letter path of the beginning word (remember that the path lines can travel vertically, horizontally, diagonally, forwards and backwards)
- as the path line of one word is found, locate the starting letter of the next word and continue tracing its letter path
- continue this process, until all hidden Bible words are found (remember path lines can go in all directions BUT do not cross in this puzzle)
- to track progress cross off each word as it is located

Other ideas for using puzzles:
- use to introduce the topic (list of 19 books of the Bible)
- organize the list alphabetically
- use word clues as writing prompts (create sentences using 1 or 2 word clues; story writing; recall events that occurred in that section of the Bible)
- categorize words using different criteria (e.g. person/place/thing)
- foster collaboration by having students work together to solve the puzzle

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February is a time to celebrate Black History Month, Ground Hog Day, and Valentine's Day!

New puzzles have been added for Black History Month, including a BINGO Game. Check back often for NEW puzzles!