Chemistry Vocab Word Search #02

Chemistry Vocab Word Search #02

Are you looking for educator resources to support making connections and chemistry vocabulary? This vocabulary word search puzzle draws from a list of chemistry related words connected to the periodic table of elements.

Solve the puzzle:
1. first, review the list of words to become familiar with the vocabulary
2. next, locate the circled letter, which is the starting letter for each hidden word
3. then, either trace the letter paths, or circle the letter paths
4. finally, track progress by crossing of each word thereby eliminating choices

Other resource ideas:
l. use list of 25 words as writing prompts for research topics (eg. half-live, spontaneous fission, chemical reaction)
2. define the words found in the list and note similarities/differences
3. create a concept map and make connections between and among words, thereby identifying gaps in understanding

Puzzle is suitable for students in high school grades 9-12, home school environments and as a tutoring resource.