Chemistry Vocab Word Search #06

Chemistry Vocab Word Search #06

Are you looking for interactive critical thinking teacher resources for chemistry class? This chemistry vocabulary word search puzzle includes a list of 25 chemistry words related to the periodic table. This list does not include the names of the elements.

To solve the puzzle:
1. engage the brain by first reviewing the list of words in the word bank (improves memory, activates brain to 'look for' certain letter/word patterns)
2. next, trace the letter paths for words hidden in the grid (helps with memory, hand-eye coordination)
3. finally, track progress by crossing of each word as it is found in the grid (reinforces process of elimination strategy)

Other lesson plan ideas:
l. put the list of words in reverse alphabetical order
2. use list of words to create compound and/or complex sentences with the appropriate punctuation
3. create a concept map and discuss relationships between and among words
4. combine this puzzle with any, from a number of, Chemistry-Periodic Table puzzles, found here: Chemistry Periodic Table puzzles) and have students identify connections between them

Puzzle is suitable for students in senior and high school grades 9-12, home school environments and as a tutoring resource.