Chemistry Vocab Hidden Word Search #04

Chemistry Vocab Hidden Word Search #04

Looking for innovative educator resources for your chemistry class? Here is a chemistry vocabulary hidden word word search puzzle to activate critical thinking skills and problem solving strategies. A list of 25 chemistry words, related to the periodic table, is hidden in the grid. Solve the puzzle by locating each word and then recording them in the space provided. List does not include the names of the elements. The additional challenge is that there are no circled letter hints!

Solve the puzzle:
1. first, brain storm possible chemistry words
2. next, locate words hidden in the grid
3. then, circle the letter paths of each hidden word
3. finally, record the words in the space provided

Additional lesson plan activities to support learning:
1. record definitions for the list of recorded words
2. have students create their own word search puzzles [see below for link to blank word search grids]
3. challenge students to align list of chemistry words with the elements found in the periodic table [puzzles to support this challenge can be found here: Chemistry-Periodic Table puzzles]

Blank word search grids found here: blank word search grids.

Puzzle is suitable for students:
- in high school grades 9-12,
- home school learning environments
- reviewing periodic table vocabulary and elements at the university level