Chemistry Vocab Wordangle #03

Chemistry Vocab Wordangle #03

Here are some interactive and engaging teacher resources for chemistry. This chemistry vocabulary word angle puzzle engages critical thinking skills while supporting review of academic chemistry vocabulary. The list of 24 words is related to the periodic table. Wordangle puzzles are word searches that usually include a right angled turn in the letter paths!

Solve the puzzle:
- first, review the list of 24 words to get the brain activated to 'look' for these words
- next, locate the circled letters: these are the first letters of each hidden word
- then, trace, or circle, the letter paths of each academic word, remembering about the right hand turn; some letter paths will cross
- finally, track your progress by checking off each word as it is found

Useful lesson plan activities might include:
1. students can create their own word search puzzles to share with peers [link is below]
2. add to dynamic learning and learner engagement by having students make connections between this list of chemistry words and periodic table elements [locate periodic table of elements puzzles here: Chemistry-Periodic Table puzzles]
3. include Frayer Model graphic organizer to help students consolidate understanding of vocabulary

Link to the blank word searches: blank word search grids.

Learning environments where puzzles benefit learners:
- puzzle supports tutoring situations
- puzzle provides academic vocabulary building resources for high school students in grades 9-12
- puzzle supports home school learning environments, grades 9-12
- puzzle provides university students with a dynamic review of periodic table vocabulary and elements