Declaration Scrambled Word Search#01

Declaration Scrambled Word Search#01

Declaration Scrambled Word Search#01 For Google Apps
Declaration Scrambled Word Search#01

Looking for Educator resources for Declaration of Independence? This scrambled letters word search puzzle engages the brain while activating problem solving strategies. To solve the puzzle, the solver needs to rearrange the letters in the word cues to uncover the word. Note that any 2-word clues may not have the number of letters in each word correctly represented by the clue.

Available in downloadable printable, PDF, and google apps formats, this word search puzzle is suitable for remote learning, hybrid classrooms (in-class and virtual learning) and in-class learning.

Other activity ideas to use in the classroom:
l. include as part of a learning center
2. have students complete a research project on a topic
3. have students create their own word search puzzles to exchange with friends and solve. Here is the link to our Blank Word Search Grids