Earth Space Freeform-04

Earth Space Freeform-04

Earth Space Freeform-04 For Google Apps
Earth Space Freeform-04

Are you an educator looking for fun, challenging and interactive lesson plan activities and resources for Earth Space? Here is a freeform puzzle with a list of 12 space word clues that need to be placed in the blank spaces in the grid. Puzzle suitable for kids in grades 4,5,6, home schooling and as a tutoring resource. Available as a downloadable printable and Google apps versions.

Solve the Puzzle
1. Review the list of word clues. Word clues are organized by number of letters in each word.
2. Start with word clues that have the most number, the fewest number, or a unique set, of letters (one word in the group) in the words. For example, the word 'star' has the fewest number of letters, and the word clue 'eclipse' is unique.
3. Fill in the blanks with the words from step 2. Look for intersection points for letters and then fill in the blanks.
4. Continue until the puzzle is complete.

Choice Board Activity Ideas
1. Have students create word search puzzles, using blank word search grids found at the link below. Share with others to solve.
2. Get students to create a treasure map using as many of the space words as possible.
3. Engage kids with 'What If?' questions: What if the revolutions of the planets changed? Then what? Explain your thinking.

Link to word search grid: word search grid

Answers to freeform crossword puzzle included in file download.