Earth Space Wordangles 04

Earth Space Wordangles 04

Earth Space Wordangles 04 For Google Apps
Earth Space Wordangles 04

Looking for fun and interactive teacher, parent, care-giver activity ideas and resources for Earth Space? Here is a wordangle puzzle, similar to a word search, that includes a twist in the puzzle - a right angled twist. A list of 20 space words are hidden in the grid. Choice board activity ideas, below, include a number of creative ideas to support both online and offline activities. Puzzle is suitable for students in grades 4,5,6, home schools and as a tutoring resource.

To access the free puzzle to print, click on the image for the PDF. To access the Google apps version, click on the Google apps link to copy the file to the computer.

To solve the puzzle:
- review the list of 20 words below the grid
- locate the start bubble for each word
- trace the word path, remembering to watch for the right hand turn in most word paths
- some paths may cross
- check off words as they are located

Choice board activities:
l. IGNITE curiosity: encourage kids to ask, What if/What would happen if? questions using the list of words as clues. For example: What if earth's orbit around the sun was not elliptical? If astronomers did not have telescopes to see, then how might they explore the universe?
2. ACTIVATE students' imaginations by getting them to create a treasure map using some of the space words (e.g. astronomer, harvest moon, meteoroid).
3. IGNITE imagination and innovation by getting kids to engineer a model (either 2D or 3D) for their ideal space station.
4. ENGAGE kids' brains by having them create word searches from blank word search grids (links below)

Link to blank word search grids: blank word search

Link to basic 11x11 word search grid: 11 by 11 grid

Link to sun shaped, blank word search grid: sun shaped word search grid Use this blank grid as a: planet, the sun, full moon, new moon, harvest moon

Link to moon shaped, blank word search grid: moon shaped word search grid