Earth Space Scrambled 07

Earth Space Scrambled 07

Earth Space Scrambled 07 For Google Apps
Earth Space Scrambled 07

Are you looking for engaging parent, teacher or care-giver lesson plan activities and resources for Earth Space? This scrambled letters word search puzzle includes a list of 20 space words hidden in the grid. Choice board activity ideas, listed below, include a number of ideas to engage creativity, foster imagination and support innovation. Puzzle is suitable for students in grades 4,5,6, home schools and as a tutoring resource and supports distance, blended and differentiated learning.

Download this puzzle to print and/or click on the Google Apps link to copy the file to your computer for the Google Apps version.

To solve the puzzle:
Step 1: rearrange the letters to reveal the words hidden in the grid
Step 2: record the correct spelling
Step 3: locate words hidden in the grid
Step 4: trace the letter paths
Step 5: track progress by checking off each word as it is found in the grid

Choice board activities:
l. ENGAGE creative thinking skills by encouraging kids to ask, What if/What would happen if? questions using the list of words as clues. For example: What would happen if the sun was not the center of the universe? Generate, with explanations, as many ideas as you can.
2. INTEGRATE mapping skills with art: encourage kids to create a new universe, mapping out size, shape, orbit around the center of the universe of the various planets/astronomical bodies. Give them names.
3. FOSTER innovation and ENGAGE critical thinking skills: get students to engineer a 3D model of their new universe (choice board activity #2). Remember to include details about planning, materials used, problems that arose and their solutions, what worked/what did not work, reflections, next steps.
4. ACTIVATE problem solving strategies by encouraging kids to create word search puzzles using blank templates (square shape, circle shape, crescent moon shape - see links below).

Link to blank word search grids: blank word search
Here is a link to the basic 15x15 word search grid: 15 by 15 grid
Link to sun shaped, blank word search grid: sun shaped word search grid Use this blank grid as a: planet, the sun, full moon, new moon, harvest moon
Link to moon shaped, blank word search grid: moon shaped word search grid