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End of Year Wordangle Puzzle #04()
End of Year Wordangle Puzzle #04

End of Year Wordangle Puzzle #04 For Google Apps
End of Year Wordangle Puzzle #04

Here is an end of year wordangles puzzle to engage learners in a fun and unusual way to complete a word search.

Suitable for remote learning, hybrid classrooms (in-person and virtual learning) and in-person learning, this end of year puzzle is available in downloadable PDF and google apps versions.

To solve the puzzle, first review the list of words in the word bank at the bottom of the puzzle. Next, look for the start bubbles for each word. Then, trace the letter path of each 'end of year' word, remembering that most words will include one right angle in the answer.

Remember that words may go north, east, south, west both forwards and backwards.

This word search puzzle with angled twist engages the brain, helping it to making connections between clues in the word bank and their location within a grid. Puzzle suitable for all students and learners looking for a challenge.

To extend the activity, block out the 20 words in the word bank and then solve the puzzle. Other extension activities might include:
~alphabetical order
~use words in poems, stories, narratives
~write definitions
~use words in a sentence
~draw or paint pictures to show the concept
~create a tableaux to model the word
~create a survey to find out how many people have done these activities

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Letter word search activities files are now uploaded for both Grade 1-2 and for PreK-K. It includes both print (PDF) and Google Apps versions of the word search templates. Check back often!

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The complete collection can be found here (remember to scroll down the page to locate the colorful and whimsical files! LINK: Blank Word Search Templates.