End of Year Word Search Gr3-5 #01

End of Year Word Search Gr3-5 #01

End of Year Word Search Gr3-5 #01 For Google Apps
End of Year Word Search Gr3-5 #01

Are you an educator looking for end of year activities to engage learners? Here is a crossword like word search puzzle that will keep kids engaged during those last few days before school ends.

Other lesson plan activity ideas for this puzzle include:
l. have students work in teams to solve the puzzle
2. use as part of an assessment piece
3. have students write a story using the words they find hidden in the grid

End of year puzzle is suitable for remote learning, hybrid classrooms (in-person and virtual learning) and in-person learning. Available in downloadable printable and Google apps formats.

Crossword like brain teaser puzzles draw upon multiple areas of general and specific knowledge, grammar, spelling and other curriculum areas.