End of Year Word Search Gr3-5 #04

End of Year Word Search Gr3-5 #04

End of Year Word Search Gr3-5 #04 For Google Apps
End of Year Word Search Gr3-5 #04

Are you looking for teacher activities for end of year? This crossword like wordsearch puzzle will keep students engaged during those last number of days before summer begins. Solve the puzzle by reading the clues below the grid, recording the answer, and then locate the words hidden in the grid.

Puzzle includes clues like:
l. This goes along with a bat.
2. You can do this while relaxing.
3. Large body of salt water.

Here are some lesson plan ideas for using this type of puzzle.
l. use as an assessment tool
2. have students work together to solve the puzzle
3. use as bell ringer

End of year puzzle is suitable for remote learning, hybrid classrooms (in-person and virtual learning) and in-person learning. Available in downloadable printable and Google apps formats.

Puzzles, and especially word search puzzles, support learners as they acquire problem solving skills while reinforcing vocabulary and spelling.