End of Year Word Search Gr3-5 #09

End of Year Word Search Gr3-5 #09

End of Year Word Search Gr3-5 #09 For Google Apps
End of Year Word Search Gr3-5 #09

Looking for resources to engage learners at the end of the school year? This crossword like puzzle draws upon prior knowledge in multiple areas of the curriculum.

To solve the puzzle, solve the each word clue. Record the word. Next, locate the word hidden in the grid. Circle the letters in the word. HINT: if the clue is not immediately obvious, then have students find clues that are the easiest to solve.

Suitable for distance learning, hybrid classrooms (in-person and virtual learning) and in-person learning, this end of year puzzle is available in downloadable print, PDF, and google apps versions.

Other lesson planning ideas:
l. put clues in alphabetical order
2. have students work together to solve the puzzle
3. have students write a story about plans for the summer by including words discovered in the grid

Word search puzzles support brain health while supporting visual acuity and fine motor skill development.