End of Year Scrambled Word Search #05

End of Year Scrambled Word Search #05

End of Year Scrambled Word Search #05 For Google Apps
End of Year Scrambled Word Search #05

Looking for educator resources for end of year? This EOY scrambled letters word search puzzle will keep kids engaged during those last number of days before school finishes. To solve the puzzle rearrange the letters in the list of words, locate the words in the grid, and then circle the words. Activates problem solving strategies as the brain aligns the letters it sees in the scrambled clue and what it knows about end of year vocabulary.

Suitable for remote learning, hybrid classrooms (in-person and virtual learning) and in-person learning, this end of year puzzle is available in downloadable print, PDF, and google apps versions.

Other activity ideas:
l. use puzzle as bell ringer work
2. have students work together to solve the puzzle
3. create a story using the words
4. set up a debate about which end of year activity is: the best, the worst, most active, least active
5. put the words in reverse alphabetical order

Word search puzzles support and engage students in active learning.