Father's Day Cryptogram Quotes

Father's Day Cryptogram Quotes

Here are cryptogram quotes for Father's Day to challenge problem solving skills and help consolidate strategies for spelling and vocabulary building.

To solve the cryptic quotes, which are encrypted with an alphabet code, puzzle solvers can start with the hint provided in the chart at the top of the page. Next, use knowledge and understanding of letter sequences for words used in oral communication, word structures (for example: the possessive usually includes /'s/) and how sentences are constructed while talking, to decode the cryptogram.

Then, as you determine the letter substitutions, record that information in the chart as well as above the encrypted letter in the quote.

There are two quotes by people and the author is preceded by the tilde symbol: /~/.

This Father's Day cryptogram is suited to students in middle grade 6,7,8 classrooms, home schooling as well as providing support for tutors.