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Unscramble the Letters Puzzle()
Unscramble the Letters Puzzle

Unscramble the letters puzzle for Father's Day is a great way to connect fathers and kids as they work together to unjumble the letters. Kids learn new theme based words and dads learn how they make a difference in their kids' lives.

To solve the puzzle, first review the list of words in the word bank. Next, return to the list of jumbled letters and use a variety of strategies to unscramble the words.

For example:
-look for clues: capital letters usually indicate that it's a proper noun and that the word will start with that letter
-if there is a very long sequence of letters, chances are there are multiple words in that question
-refer back to the list of words to make connections

Suits students in elementary grades 3,4,5 classrooms and home schools. Can also be used to support tutored students.

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