Search for Words Puzzle

Search for Words Puzzle

Father's Day word search puzzle is a deluxe version because it includes noun, verb and adjective words related to dads and Father's Day.

It is a great activity to support vocabulary building and spelling consolidation. Kids and dads spending time together is another benefit.

The puzzle solution is best completed by first reviewing the list of words in the word bank. Next, scan the letter grid for the words. Because the brain has previewed the list of words AND the brain knows that words can go in all 8 directions: vertically, diagonally and horizontally, then it will attempt to make the connections while it looks for the words hidden in the grid.

Often, words will 'pop' out because the brain is expecting to find them. Other times, it is difficult to find them, because, for one reason or another, the brain might be tired, or just can't 'see the forest for the trees'.