Financial Literacy Jumbled Letters#07

Financial Literacy Jumbled Letters#07

Are you a teacher, parent, caregiver looking for choice board activities and resources for financial literacy? This fun and challenging jumbled letters puzzle activates critical thinking skills, supports vocabulary building and gets kids engaged in their own learning. Puzzle is suitable for kids grades 3-5. Vocabulary drawn from personal financial literacy specific to TEKS math curriculum 3.9A, 3.9B, 3.9C, 3.9D, 3.9E and other financial literacy resources. Great for homeschooling and as a tutoring resource.

How to Solve the Puzzle
1. activate the brain: review the list of jumbled letter words
2. engage critical thinking skills: rearrange the letters for each question to reveal the correct spelling
3. fine motor skills: print the correct spelling on the line next to the word
4. feedback: track progress by crossing off the word, or putting a check mark beside it

Choice Board Activities
1. ignite creativity: have kids create own word search puzzles using any number of grids found at the link below
2. transfer knowledge to other curriculum area: create a poem, or song, with the words
3. planning skills: create a plan for a short term goal of either saving/spending/donating

Link to blank word search grids found here: Word Search Grid