Foods From Plant Parts Freeform #08

Foods From Plant Parts Freeform #08

Foods From Plant Parts Freeform #08 For Google Apps
Foods From Plant Parts Freeform #08

Are you an educator looking for resources to support part of a plant science? This 10 words freeform crossword puzzle supports students' vocabulary building skills while learning more about the plants we eat. Suitable for distance, blended, independent learning and home schooling classrooms. Make puzzles part of literacy centers, or use as introductions to theme based science units.

Choice Board Activity Ideas
1. Consolidate vocabulary by using words in a sentence.
2. ENGAGE creativity by having kids create word search puzzles to share with others to solve.
3. FOSTER innovation by having kids design an edible plant.

Available in downloadable printable, PDF, and google apps formats, this parts of a plant we eat puzzle is suitable for remote learning, hybrid classrooms (in-class and virtual learning) and in-class learning.