July 4th Scrambled Word Search #07

July 4th Scrambled Word Search #07

July 4th Scrambled Word Search #07 For Google Apps
July 4th Scrambled Word Search #07

Resource for Educators and using puzzles in the classroom. This Fourth of July scrambled letters word search puzzle lists 20 themed words, but the letters are jumbled. To solve the puzzle, students need to unscramble the letters and then locate the words hidden in the grid.

Suitable for remote learning, hybrid learning, classroom learning, homeschooling and as a tutoring resource. Printable and Google apps versions of scrambled letters word search puzzle.

This puzzle challenges the brain because the brain needs to match what it sees on the paper, with what it knows about July 4th vocabulary.

Ideas for use in the classroom:
l. use puzzle to model problem solving strategies: teacher needs to share an approach to solving puzzles like this. This is an important teaching moment, because problem solving skills are transferable to other areas of the curriculum.
2. use puzzle to augment programming. This is important because vocabulary is being reinforced in a different form. Since students all learn in different ways, puzzles provide another avenue for learning concepts and vocabulary.
3. use the puzzle to consolidate spelling