July 4th Scrambled Word Search #08

July 4th Scrambled Word Search #08

July 4th Scrambled Word Search #08 For Google Apps
July 4th Scrambled Word Search #08

Looking for educator activities to support learning about July 4th? This scrambled letters word search puzzle engages students' brains, while activating problem solving strategies to solve the puzzle.

Words are related to the Fourth of July and, because the letters are scrambled, challenge the puzzle solver to make connections between what he/she sees in the clues and what the brain knows are words related to July 4th. To solve the puzzle, students need to unscramble the letters and then locate the words hidden in the grid.

Ideas for using this puzzle:
l. use as an assessment tool
2. use as bell work
3. use the puzzle to support programming

Suitable for remote learning, hybrid learning, classroom learning, homeschooling and as a tutoring resource. Printable and Google apps versions of scrambled letters word search puzzle.