July 4th Scrambled Word Search #12

July 4th Scrambled Word Search #12

July 4th Scrambled Word Search #12 For Google Apps
July 4th Scrambled Word Search #12

Are you looking for teacher resources for July 4th celebration? Here is a scrambled letters Fourth of July word search puzzle to engage students' brains, activate problem solving skills while helping to consolidate spelling and vocabulary building.

To solve the puzzle students need to unscramble the letters and then locate the word hidden in the grid.

Suitable for remote learning, hybrid learning, classroom learning, homeschooling and as a tutoring resource. Printable and Google apps versions of scrambled letters word search puzzle.

Looking for how to use these student activities in the classroom?

Here are some ideas:

l. add to a language center
2. use it to augment and support curriculum
3. have students print each word in a sentence
4. have students write a poem using words from the list
5. have students work collaboratively to solve the puzzle

Kids love being creative. Have them create their own word search puzzles using any one of the blank word search grids that can be found at here: Blank Word Search Grids