Landforms Crosspatch #06

Landforms Crosspatch #06

Landforms Crosspatch #06 For Google Apps
Landforms Crosspatch #06

Are you looking for choice board activities to support kids' independent learning for landforms? This crosspatch puzzle activates kids' critical thinking skills and supports vocabulary development. Puzzle does not include letter hints which increases the challenge. Suitable for kids in grades 3-5, home schools and as a tutoring resource. Use for distance and independent learning. Answers included with the file download.

Puzzle is available as a downloadable puzzle to print and as a Google Slide™.

Solve the puzzle
-first, review the list of words listed below the grid and note: the word with the least and the greatest number of letters
-next, locate the spaces that match those words and fill in the blanks with the correct word/s
-then, fill in the remaining blank spaces with the words that share common letters
-finally, track progress by checking off each word as it is located

Here are choice board activity ideas:
l. Have students develop word search puzzles using blank templates (see link below).
2. Create treasure maps using any number of landforms as the locale: volcano, escarpment, lagoon, estuary (remember to include a legend, compass rose)
3. Assemble a 3D model of a landform (student's choice) remembering to include color and labels.
4. Organize landforms using any number of identifiers: size, location, land, water, both, other?

Blank templates link: blank word search grid.