Landforms Crossword #06

Landforms Crossword #06

Are you a teacher, care-giver or parent looking for choice board activities and resources to support distance learning about landforms? Here is an interactive crossword puzzle that engages kid's critical thinking skills. Answers included in file download. Letter hints support differentiated learning. Suitable for kids in grades 3-5 distance learning, home schools and as a tutoring resource.

Solve the puzzle
- review the list of across and down clues
- start with the clues that have letter hints and/or: a) fill in a blank space; b) are plurals; c) are opposites/synonyms; d) complete a sentence; e) are easily identifiable
- fill in the blanks with the correct words that have letter hints (as much as possible)
- use the completed blanks to answer the remaining across and down clues, matching letters that intersect (e.g. Down clue #3 shares the letter |t| with the Across clue #2)

Choice board activity ideas:
- use the list of landform words to create board games, flash cards (image on one side and definition or description on the other side), or other types of puzzles (see link below for blank word search templates)
- complete research on a landform
- construct a 3D model of a landform, using found materials and remember to include color and labels

Looking to create word search puzzles? Here is a link to numerous templates of blank word search grids: blank word search grid.