Landforms Freeform-02

Landforms Freeform-02

Landforms Freeform-02 For Google Apps
Landforms Freeform-02

Looking for lesson plan and choice board activities to support kids' independent learning about landforms? Here is a freeform crossword puzzle that activates kids' problem solving strategies. Puzzle includes letter hints to support differentiated learning. Suitable for kids in grades 3-5, home schools and as a tutoring resource.

Freeform crossword puzzle is available in both printable and Google Slide™ formats.

Solve the puzzle
-review the list of words listed below the grid; words are organized by number of letters
-start with the letter hints: match the hints + the number of blank boxes and locate word that aligns with the letter clue; fill in the blanks
-fill in the remaining blank spaces with the words that share common letters
-track progress by crossing off each word blank boxes are completed

Lesson plan/choice board activity ideas:
-kids create word search puzzles using blank templates (see link below).
-construct treasure maps using any number of landforms as the locale: peninsula, waterfall, beach, delta, fjord, estuary (remember to include a legend, compass rose)
-create any number of other puzzles: scrambled letters, cryptograms, cryptolist puzzles, crossword puzzles, matching puzzles

Here is the link to multiple blank word search templates: blank word search grids.

Use for distance and independent learning. Answers included with the file download.