Landforms Scrambled Crosspatch#03

Landforms Scrambled Crosspatch#03

Landforms Scrambled Crosspatch#03 For Google Apps
Landforms Scrambled Crosspatch#03

Are you looking for interactive choice board activities to support kids' independent learning about landforms? Here is a scrambled letters crosspatch puzzle to engage students' critical thinking skills and support vocabulary development. Letter hints support differentiated learning.

Download your printable puzzle or save the Google Slide™ format to your computer.

Solve the puzzle
-First, unscramble the letters and then record the correct spelling.
-Remember to review the list of words.
-Next, use letter hints to identify words that match the letter hints and then fill in the blank spaces.
-Then, fill in the remaining blank spaces with the words that share common letters.
-Finally, track progress by checking off each word as it is located.

Choice board ideas:
l. Students develop word search puzzles using blank word search templates (see link below).
2. Create treasure maps using a landform as the locale (and thinking outside the box): up/around/through a mountain, over hills and valleys, edge of cliff (remember to include a legend, compass rose)
3. Design and construct a 3D model of a landform (student's choice), including color and labels.
4. Organize landforms using any number of categories: water, land, both, liquid, solid, size, location, other category?

Blank word search templates link: blank word search grid.

Answers included with the file download.