Landforms Scrambled Crosspatch#06

Landforms Scrambled Crosspatch#06

Landforms Scrambled Crosspatch#06 For Google Apps
Landforms Scrambled Crosspatch#06

Looking for a variety of choice board resources to support kids' independent learning of landforms? Here is a scrambled letters crosspatch puzzle to engage students' critical thinking skills and support science vocabulary development. Suits students grades 3-5, home schools and as a tutoring resource.

Download your printable puzzle or save the Google Slide™ format to your computer.

Solve the puzzle
1. rearrange letters to reveal the word; remember to record the correct spelling
2. review the list of words and identify word/s with the least and/or the most number of letters; fill in the blanks with these words
3. locate list words that share common letters; fill in the remaining blank spaces aligning the shared letters
4. track progress by crossing off each word as it is identified

Choice board activities include:
l. Engage creativity: students construct word search puzzles, to exchange with others, using blank word search templates (see link below).
2. Encourage innovation: create treasure maps using landforms as the locale (think outside the box): up/around/through a volcano, over and around an archipelago, through a fjord (remember to include a legend, compass rose)
3. Stimulate creativity using multi-media design strategies: engineer and record (audio, audio/visual, hand drawn diagrams, use online/offline resources) construction of 3D model of a landform (student's choice); include color, labels, other relevant information as required

Link to blank word search templates: blank word search templates.