Scrambled Letters Landforms #03

Scrambled Letters Landforms #03

Scrambled Letters Landforms #03 For Google Apps
Scrambled Letters Landforms #03

Are you a parent, teacher, or care-giver looking for lesson plan resources about landforms? Here is a scrambled letters puzzle using 15 words related to landforms.

Scrambled letters puzzle is available in printable and Google Slide™ formats.

Solve the puzzle
- first, review the list of words to engage the brain
- next, rearrange the scrambled letters in the two columns to reveal the words
- then, record the correct spelling on the line beside the clue
- finally, cross off each word to track progress

Choice board ideas
l. use list of words to create word search puzzles using blank grids (link below), crosswords, and/or matching puzzles
2. create models of landforms with color and labels
3. construct a card game/board game/BINGO game using the list of words at the base of the puzzle

Link to blank word search grids: blank word search grid.