Scrambled Letters Landforms #05

Scrambled Letters Landforms #05

Scrambled Letters Landforms #05 For Google Apps
Scrambled Letters Landforms #05

Are you a teacher, parent or caregiver looking for an interactive puzzle about landforms? Here is a scrambled letters puzzle using 15 words related to landforms. Use puzzle to support differentiated learning. List of words is missing! Scrambled letters puzzle is available in printable and Google Slide™ formats.

Solve the puzzle
- first, rearrange the scrambled letters in the two columns to reveal the words
- then, record the correct spelling on the line beside the clue

Choice board ideas
l. use identified words to create word search puzzles using blank grids (link below), crosswords, or matching words with their definitions puzzles
2. construct 2D or 3D models of landforms including color and labels
3. create a jingle combining a favorite tune with landform words

Link for the blank grids: blank word search grid.