Landforms Scrambled Wordangle#04

Landforms Scrambled Wordangle#04

Landforms Scrambled Wordangle#04 For Google Apps
Landforms Scrambled Wordangle#04

Are you an educator, parent, care-giver looking for lesson plan activities and interactive resources to support kids learning about landforms? This landforms scrambled wordangle puzzle activates problem solving skills, supports fine motor skills and vocabulary building. Wordangle puzzles usually include one right hand twist in the word paths! Not all word paths cross. Suitable for grades 3-5, home school environments and as a tutoring resource. Scrambled letter wordangle landforms puzzle is available as puzzle to print and Google Apps™.

Solve the puzzle
1. unscramble the letters to reveal the words hidden in the grid; record the correct spelling; review the list of words to engage the brain
2. locate each hidden word; word paths can travel right, left, down, up, but not diagonally
3. circle the word paths.
4. track progress by checking off each word as it is located in the grid.

Choice board activities:
l. create a song, using a favorite tune and the list of puzzle words
2. create a 2D/3D model of a landform, label its parts
3. categorize the landforms by size/type/location
4. encourage student CREATIVITY by having them construct their own word search puzzles to share (link below)

Here is the link for blank word search grids: blank word search grid.