Landforms Scrambled WordMaze#02

Landforms Scrambled WordMaze#02

Landforms Scrambled WordMaze#02 For Google Apps
Landforms Scrambled WordMaze#02

Looking for teacher, care-giver, parent resources to support distance learning about landforms? This scrambled letters word maze puzzle activates kids' problem solving strategies, supports fine motor skills and visual acuity. Puzzle can be completed independently. Word paths wander right, left, up, and down but not diagonally, which creates a unique maze within the grid. Letter paths do not cross.

Challenging puzzle is available in both printable and Google Slide™ formats.

Solve the puzzle
1. unscramble the letters to reveal the correct spelling - print the correct spelling
2. review the list of words to engage the brain
3. locate the circled letter, |F|
4. trace the letter path (remember that letters travel up/down/right/left, but not diagonally)
5. at the end of the letter path, review the word list and compare with surrounding letters at the end of the word path, decide which word to trace next
6. continue with steps 4-5 until all word paths are traced
7. track progress by crossing out each word as it is found

Ideas for choice boards:
l. encourage kids' CREATIVITY by supplying blank word search grids (link below) to create word search puzzles to exchange with others to solve
2. have kids use list of words to create flash cards, a board game, or BINGO game
3. kids create 3D model of landforms and label it
4. do a research project on one of the landforms
5. engage kids' brains by having them create a scavenger hunt for others

Here is the link to blank word search grids: blank word search grid template.