Landforms Scrambled WordMaze#06

Landforms Scrambled WordMaze#06

Landforms Scrambled WordMaze#06 For Google Apps
Landforms Scrambled WordMaze#06

Are you looking for parent, teacher, or care-giver lesson plan activities and resources to support independent distance learning about landforms? Scrambled letters word maze puzzle engages kids' problem solving strategies, engages critical thinking skills and supports fine motor skills development. Students complete word maze independently. Word paths wander right, left, up, down and diagonally. Some letter paths might cross. Word search puzzle answers included in file download.

Challenging puzzle is available in both printable and Google Slide™ formats.

Solve the puzzle
1. rearrange the letters in word bank clues to reveal the correct spelling and then record the correct spelling
2. review the list of words to engage the brain to what words it needs to be looking for
3. locate the circled letter, |S|
4. trace the letter path using pencil
5. at the end of the word path, by reviewing the word list and comparing with surrounding letters at the end of the path, decide the next word to trace
6. puzzle is complete when all letter paths are traced, and it's one continuous line from beginning to the end
7. track progress to eliminate available choices

Choice board activity ideas:
l. create word searches to exchange with others to solve; use blank word search grids found at the link below
2. create a jingle combining a familiar tune with landform words
3. construct a 3D model of landforms, with labels and legend

Here is the link to blank word search grids: blank word search grid template.