Landforms Word Search #03

Landforms Word Search #03

Landforms Word Search #03 For Google Apps
Landforms Word Search #03

Are you looking for lesson plan activities and resources to support earth science and landforms? Here is a landforms word search puzzle that engages kids in a fun and interactive way. Puzzle engages critical thinking skills, activates problem solving strategies, and makes learning fun without the kids even knowing it!

Landforms wordsearch puzzle available in printable and Google Apps™ formats.

Solve the puzzle
l. first, review the list of words in the word bank to engage the brain prior to solving the puzzle
2. next, locate the letter hint, which is the first letter of each word
3. then, trace the letter paths
4. finally, track progress by checking off words as they are found

Lesson plan activity ideas:
l. include list of words in literacy centers
2. have kids create a list of scrambled letters puzzle to exchange with others
3. record the words in alphabetical order