Landforms Hidden Words #01

Landforms Hidden Words #01

Landforms Hidden Words #01 For Google Apps
Landforms Hidden Words #01

Are you looking for interactive lesson plan activities and resources to support kids learning about earth science and landforms? Landforms hidden words word search puzzle is fun, engages critical thinking skills and supports kids in their development as an independent learner. Puzzle activates problem solving strategies, and makes learning fun without the kids even knowing it!

This challenging word search is available in downloadable printable and Google Slides™ formats.

Solve the puzzle
-first, brainstorm possible words that could be included in the word search grid
-next, locate the 15 start bubbles, which are the beginning letters for each hidden word
-then, trace the letter paths
-finally, record the words in the space provided at the bottom of the page

Lesson plan activity ideas:
l. use list of recorded words as writing prompts (e.g. research topic, report writing)
2. organize the recorded list of words into categories (e.g. land, water, both)
3. record the words in reverse alphabetical order