Mother's Day Hidden Search 01

Mother's Day Hidden Search 01

Mother's Day Hidden Search 01 For Google Apps
Mother's Day Hidden Search 01

Are you looking for teacher ideas for Mother's Day? This hidden word search puzzle contains a list of 10 Mother's Day words for students to discover. An initial problem solving strategy would be to brainstorm of list of words that are related to Mothers' Day. Next, locate as many words are they can. Finally, record the list in the space provided.

Here are some ways to use this teacher resource:
1. use as bell work
2. give to early finishers to complete
3. make the puzzle part of a language center
4. have students work together to solve the puzzle: helps create a cooperative and collaborative learning environment
5. once students have found all the words, create extension activities to augment learning. For example: write out the definition, use the words in a sentence, create wordshape puzzles from the words, write a story/poem/letter using the words.

Download hidden word search puzzle to print and/or copy the file to drive to solve the puzzle using Google slides.