Number Fit Puzzle - 010

Number Fit Puzzle - 010

Number Fit Puzzle - 010 For Google Apps
Number Fit Puzzle - 010

This number fit puzzle is similar to the freeform crossword puzzle, with the only different being that the answers are numbers, while the freeform crossword puzzle answers are words.

Start to solve the puzzle using the 4-digit hint given in the grid.

Puzzle supports short term memory.

To extend this activity, here are some ideas:
l. write out the number words for each number OR only a select category of number(eg.3-digit; 5-digit; 6-digit);
2. use the numbers and math operations (+, -, X, ./.) to create questions, and then exchange with a partner to solve;
3. after #1, above, is completed, then record the words in alphabetical order;
4. use numbers, in their digit form (2-digit-to 6-digit), to play the game of 'Battleship(R)'. Rather than have different sized 'ships' in the grid, use a given list of numbers to play the game;
5. have students play a guessing game, similar to 'who am I?', or 20-questions.