Number Fit Puzzle - 019

Number Fit Puzzle - 019

Number Fit Puzzle - 019 For Google Apps
Number Fit Puzzle - 019

Here is a number fit puzzle #019 to support arithmetic curriculum for students in grades 5,6,7 classrooms, and home schoolers.

Use differentiated instruction to support learners in other grades. Suits math programs for students learning numbers to 1,000,000.

To solve the puzzle, start with the 6-digit number hint in the grid. Then locate a 3-digit number ending in |0|. Remember that there may be more than one number that meets that criteria. To keep track of numbers used in the grid, either use a check mark, or cross off the numbers. This helps to avoid repeating one number twice.

Continue until all the numbers are filled into the grid.

Download puzzle to print and/or copy Google Slides™ file to your computer's Google Drive™.