Parts of Flower Crossword#01

Parts of Flower Crossword#01

Parts of Flower Crossword#01 For Google Apps
Parts of Flower Crossword#01

Are you a parent, teacher, caregiver looking for fun and interactive resources for parts of a flower? This crossword puzzle helps consolidate knowledge and understanding of the different flower parts. Suitable for students in grades 2-3. Supports distance learning, blended learning and independent learning.

To solve the printable version of the puzzle:
-download and print the file
-use the across and down clues about parts of a flower to determine the correct answer
-record the answers in the corresponding numbered boxes in the grid

To solve the Google Quiz™ version:
-use the link and copy the file to the computer
-click the PREVIEW button
-select the best answer
-click SUBMIT and then VIEW SCORE