Periodic Table Wordangle #10

Periodic Table Wordangle #10

Are you an educator looking for lesson plan resources for the periodic table? This academic chemistry periodic table puzzle includes a list of 20 unique periodic elements hidden in a word search grid. Note this word angle puzzle has a twist in its solution: most letter paths in the grid have one right hand turn! Some word paths do cross.

Solve the puzzle:
1. review the list of words to engage the brain
2 NOTE word paths TRAVEL horizontally, forwards, backwards, vertically, but not diagonally
3. Be aware of INTERSECTION POINTS: some word paths DO cross
4. TRACE, or circle, letter paths: most word paths have one right angled turn
5. TRACK progress: check off words as they are located in the grid

Other lesson plan activity ideas:
1. students CREATE personal word search puzzles to exchange with peers to solve [use blank word search grids found at the link below]
2. ORGANIZE the list of elements by number of isotopes
3. IDENTIFY elements with multiple isotopes and describe their variations (e.g. Carbon-12, Carbon-13, Carbon-14,etc)
4. use list of words as ideas for more RESEARCH IDEAS (e.g. how were some of the elements named? (Radium, for example))
5. DISCOVER, and RECORD a list of compounds found in households (chemical formula and scientific name)

Access blank word search grids here: blank word searches.

Benefits of solving puzzles:
1. support brain health
2. improve memory
3. activate problem solving strategies and critical thinking skills
4. support visual acuity