Periodic Table Word Maze#02

Periodic Table Word Maze#02

Are you looking for educator resources for academic chemistry? Here is a periodic table of elements word maze puzzle with a list of 20 periodic elements that, when letter paths are traced, create a maze within the word search grid.

Solve the puzzle:
-locate the starting point for the first word, which is the circled letter
-trace the letter path of the first word: watch for letter paths traveling forwards, backwards, up, and down, but not diagonally
-at the end of the first word, locate the beginning of the second word and continue tracing its letter path to the end; activates critical thinking skills
-repeat the process until all letter paths are traced
-to help track progress, check off words as the paths are complete
-once solved, the letter paths create a maze like effect within the grid

Lesson plan resource ideas:
1. encourage students to CREATE their own unique word search puzzles using the list of word clues and blank word search grids located at this link: blank word search grid templates
2. have students IDENTIFY and categorize different elements, in the list, that are: toxic/non-toxic, stable/unstable (remember to include elements' isotopes), natural element vs laboratory discovered, ancient elements vs modern elements
3. engage students' critical thinking skills when they ORGANIZE the list of elements by: a)stability/instability of isotopes, b)toxicity levels (least to most/most to least), c)atomic number/weight/mass, d)period, e)group, f)ancient/modern
4. foster innovative thinking by having students combine the elements from the list, where possible, to create new compounds (e.g. Carbon + Oxygen = CO2)

Benefits of using puzzles:
1. activates problem solving strategies
2. critical thinking skills
3. engages the brain