Periodic Hidden Word Search#06

Periodic Hidden Word Search#06

Looking for interactive and challenging teacher lesson plan activities and resources to support academic chemistry? Here is an elements word search puzzle with the word clues missing. Puzzle is differentiated for classroom instruction and activates problem solving strategies: the first letter of each word clue is circled.

Solve the puzzle
l. FIRST, brain storm ideas for words to be included in this brain teaser.
2. NEXT, locate the circled letter.
3. THEN, trace a word path, which travels in all 8 directions: up, down, forwards, backwards and diagonally.
4. FINALLY, track progress by recording the elements in the space provided
5. REPEAT steps 2-4 until list of 20 elements is recorded.

Other lesson plan activities:
l. ORGANIZE list of periodic table of elements by any number of categories: a) toxicity, b) atomic weight/number/mass, c) period, d) group, e) number of isotopes, f) stability, or g) other category
2. EXPLORE history behind any of the elements listed (student recorded).
3. Encourage students to GENERATE their own word searches using word search grids found here: Blank Word Search template grids.
4. Challenge students to create interactive games/puzzles. For example: BINGO games, cryptograms, cryptolists, crossword puzzles (regular, freeform, crosspatch), anagrams, scrambled letters