Periodic Scrambled Search#02

Periodic Scrambled Search#02

Looking for fun and interactive educator resources for periodic table of elements? Here is a scrambled letters word search puzzle. Engages critical thinking skills. Suits students in grades 9-12, home schools, university review and provides a tutoring resource.

Solve the puzzle
l. Review the instructions.
2. Rearrange the jumbled letters to reveal the 20 words hidden in the grid.
3. Record the correct spelling of each element listed.
4. Locate the letter hints: circled letters are the first letters of the hidden words.
5. circle the letter paths, which travel in all 8 directions (up/down/forwards/backwards/diagonally).
6. Track progress by checking off each word as it's located.

Lesson plan activities:
1. ENGAGE students' problem solving strategies: encourage them to CREATE word searches using blank word search templates found here: Blank Word Search grid templates.
2. CHALLENGE students to create new puzzles: cryptograms, cryptolists, anagrams, scrambled letters,crossword puzzles (regular, freeform, crosspatch)
3. ORGANIZE or CATEGORIZE list of elements by any number of topics: stability, number of isotopes, atomic weight/mass/number, group, period, or other category not listed.