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Periodic Table Freeform #05()
Periodic Table Freeform #05

Periodic Table Freeform #05 For Google Apps
Periodic Table Freeform #05

Looking for educational puzzles and/or resources to support Periodic Table of Elements programming? This Table of Elements freeform crossword puzzle supports problem solving strategies, vocabulary building and consolidation of knowledge in academic science grades 9-12 classrooms and home schoolers. Tutoring resources.

Available in PDF (print) and Google Apps versions, freeform crossword supports distance learning, hybrid classrooms (in-person and virtual learning) and in-person learning environments.

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Letter word search activities files are now uploaded for both Grade 1-2 and for PreK-K. It includes both print (PDF) and Google Apps versions of the word search templates. Check back often!

Here are links to a couple of letters of the alphabet activities: Letter E Word Search Activity and Letter O Word Search Activity

The complete collection can be found here (remember to scroll down the page to locate the colorful and whimsical files! LINK: Blank Word Search Templates.