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Periodic Table Scrambled #03()
Periodic Table Scrambled #03

Periodic Table Scrambled #03 For Google Apps
Periodic Table Scrambled #03

Here is a scrambled letters Periodic Table of Elements puzzle for students in secondary grades 9-12. Supports consolidation of chemistry academic language, building academic language and engages students' brains in a fun way. Use either as an introduction to the Chemistry unit about the Periodic Table, or as part of a summative assessment piece. No word list is provided which adds to the challenge.

Available in both PDF and Google apps versions, puzzle supports in-person learning, hybrid learning environments (in-class and remote) and distance learning. Fun, engaging, educational! Makes learning fun without kids even knowing it.

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Letter word search activities files are now uploaded for both Grade 1-2 and for PreK-K. It includes both print (PDF) and Google Apps versions of the word search templates. Check back often!

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