Properties-Wordangle-Scrambled#01 For Google Apps

Are you an educator looking for playful learning activities and resources for properties of matter? Here is a scrambled letters wordangle puzzle to engage kids' brains and activate problem solving strategies. This 15 word puzzle includes letter hints (the start bubbles are the beginning letter for each word).

Puzzle is available in printable PDF and Google Slide™ formats.

States of matter include: solids, liquids, gases
Properties of matter include characteristics of solids, liquids, gases, such as: weight/mass, odor (stinky, sweet, acrid), size (small, large), color, texture (smooth, rough, crinkly, soft), melting and boiling points, temperature, hardness/softness, volume, taste (sweet, sour, bitter, crunchy), sound (noisy, quiet)

Solve the puzzle
l. rearrange the letters in the word clues to reveal the words hidden in the grid
2. print the correct spelling
3. locate the start bubble and trace the letter path
4. remember to watch for one right angled turn; some letter paths cross
5. track progress by crossing off each word as it is located

Choice board activity ideas
1. put the list of words in alphabetical/reverse alphabetical order
2. have students create a different type of puzzle (crosswords, multiple choice)
3. ignite kids' creativity: create art forms using the words from the puzzle