Properties Scrambled Search#07

Properties Scrambled Search#07

Properties Scrambled Search#07 For Google Apps
Properties Scrambled Search#07

Looking for challenging and engaging educator activities and resources for properties of matter? This scrambled letters word search puzzle will activate problem solving strategies while supporting vocabulary building students grades 2-3. Start bubbles provided.

Puzzle is available as both printable PDF and Google Slide™.

Solve The Puzzles
l. rearrange the letters to reveal the words hidden in the grid; record the correct spelling
2. review the list of words
3. locate the circled letters (start bubbles) for each word (first letter in each word)
4. trace the letter paths; paths travel up, down, right, left and diagonally in all 8 directions
5. track progress by crossing off each word as it is printed in the puzzle

Choice Board Activity Ideas
l. complete the Frayar model graphic organizer
2. create a scavenger hunt to locate as many items of matter that share the list of properties in this puzzle (note: matter may share more than one property)
3. create puzzles (crosswords, matching, multiple choice)

Three states of matter: solids, liquids and gases (plasma is not included here)

Properties of matter include the various characteristics of matter (solid, liquid, gas) such as: size (small, big), weight/mass, volume, boiling and freezing points, color (red, orange, yellow, etc), bendability/flexibility, texture (what matter feels like: gooey, prickly, smooth, rough, crinkly, soft, furry), whether matter sinks or floats, taste (crunchy, sweet, sour, bitter), whether something is magnetic or not, sound (noisy, quiet), hard/soft